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Women & Their Spiritual Life

Someone once asked me, ďDonna, what is your goal in ministry?Ē

That was a great question. Over the years I had thought about it a lot. Of course there is ministry inside the family, and that involves serving my husband and my children (I recently became an "empty nester"). But then there is whatever ministry I can do outside the family as well (I believe the Lord would have me extend myself to others). So how can I sum up my goal in ministry whether inside or outside the family?

Simply put, my goal is to make others successful: successful by them coming to Christ, successful by helping them grow spiritually in Christ, successful in them reaching others for Christ, and successful in whatever way they serve others for Christ--whether inside or outside their own home.

So I guess you can say thatís what this section--and really the entire website--will strive to do, help you become more successful. Brian and I are just starting this website, so we hope to have a lot more for you as we go.

And as we continue to add to the site, please take advantage of the articles, interviews, devotionals, ďfamily helps,Ē and other sections to help you and your family either reason out the claims of Christ, or grow more deeply in your faith and your relationship with God.

Keep in mind that if you or your husband havenít yet made a commitment to Christ, and desire to understand what it means, please contact us:

donnamorley@faithandreasonforum.com (women only, please) OR
brianmorley@faithandreasonforum.com (men only, please).

If you contact us, it would help to know what you now believe or what you were brought up to believe.

We hope we can help you know the true blessings and joy of knowing God personally.

Lessons From the Dark Valley of Depression
While this is a difficult subject to share with others, if our journey through depression can encourage another who is going through it, then it will have brought meaning and purpose to our suffering as described by the apostle Paul in 2 Corinthians 1:4.
Practical Steps Towards Godliness--One Step At A Time
Ten steps to help you change your life towards greater godliness.
Women Teaching Men in the Church
Years ago while sitting through a university course on textiles, I had a lot of time to consider why some people should definitely not be teachers. At the beginning of class, the teacherís face would disappear into the course textbook. She would read every word without coming up for air until the class was over. Three times a week for an hour and fifteen minutes, she read line by line, chapter by chapter, never stopping, never explaining. It didnít help matters....
Email to Donna regarding 1 Timothy 3:11
I met you at Grace Baptist retreat last Spring and I finally got to read your wonderful book. I did have a question as you clearly stated we must do. On page 21 of the book [Choices That Lead to Godliness] you mention about Paul speaking to women who wanted to be deaconesses. When I went to the verse this was not clear to me; the entire chapter is about qualifications of the deacon and how women are supposed to act.
Yesterday, Today, and Forever
Iíll never forget the time when my grandfather, who was born at the end of the Victorian age (1895), said to me, ďI shook the hand that shook the hand of Abraham Lincoln.Ē
Who Am I?
If you have surrendered your life to Jesus Christ, and have a personal relationship with Him, then Scripture has much to say about you.
A Brief History of Singleness
In the early church, singleness was viewed as a truly freeing and liberating opportunity....
Biblical Womanhood in the Home
In 1990 Time magazine devoted an entire special issue to the subject of women. The managing editor's column began....

Hannah: The Faithful Mother
Studying the life of Hannah yields great scriptural detail concerning a faithful mother. Hannah first appears in 1 Samuel 1, toward the end of the difficult period of the judges in Israel. That was a time of moral and religious degeneracy and political confusion and distress. With the death of Samson, Israel was leaderless and vulnerable to her enemies, the Philistines. The nation needed a great leader and a great man, and God needed a great woman to shape that man. Samuel was the man, and Hannah was the godly mother who, with God's help, influenced his character.
How Can I Compete with Mrs. Proverbs?
Many of us think that we simply canít be as industrious, as godly, as perfect as Mrs. Proverbs seemed to be. On her own she bought a field. And she did moreĖshe planted a vineyard, helped the poor, clothed her family with scarlet, and worked late into the night. Because of her works, she was praised in the gates (Proverbs 31:31)Ö
Wives, Submit?
The difficulty of Ephesians 5:22 is not in understanding the rather straightforward language, but its meaning. Since the patriarchal norms of the Greco-Roman world, built into the rules and regulations for everyday life and relationships, clearly demanded a wife's submission to the authority of the husband, is Paul simply advocating the continuance of conventional norms?