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J. Ed Komoszewski

J. Ed Komoszewski, Th.M

Founder of Cristus Nexus

Project Director for Converse With Scholars

Co-author of the following books:

Putting Jesus in His Place:
The Case for the Deity of Christ
(forthcoming by Kregal, August 2007)

Reinventing Jesus:

What The DaVinci Code and Other Novel Speculations Don't Tell You

(Kregel, 2006) and

Holes in God's Hands: Knowing Jesus as Your Lord and Your God

(Kregel, forthcoming)

Director at Large for Reclaiming the Mind Ministries

Taught biblical and theological studies at Northwestern College

Summa Cum Laude from Dallas Theological Seminary

Th.M in New Testament Studies with two major honors:

óThe John F. Walvoord Award

for outstanding work in the department of Theological Studies

ó The W.H. Griffith Thomas Award

for graduating at the top of his class.

Reinventing Jesus Seminars

The authors are available for seminars based on the content of Reinventing Jesus.

It may be appropriate in some venues for 1 or 2 of the authors to speak. In some instances presentation material can be tailored for specific needs of the audience.

The flagship Reinventing Jesus seminar is a three-hour event featuring all three authors. This seminar, which receives top priority in scheduling, is based on the following core topics in the book:

Daniel B. Wallace


(Daniel B. Wallace, Ph.D.):

Is What We Have Now What They Wrote Then?

The Text and Transmission of the New Testament

M. James Sawyer


(M. James Sawyer, Ph.D.):

Did the Early Church Muzzle the Canon?

The Formation of the New Testament

J. Ed Komoszewski


(J. Ed. Komoszewski, Th.M.):

The Divinity of Jesus: Early Tradition or Late Superstition?

The authors are also available for a limited number of five-hour seminars covering each of the topics in the flagship seminar, plus the historical reliability of the Gospels and a comparison of Jesus with ancient mythical gods. All seminars include opportunities for participants to interact with the speakers.

Deity of Christ Seminar

Holes in God's HandsChristus Nexus offers one-hour and three-hour seminars on the deity of Christ entitled Holes in God's Hands: Discovering Jesus as God.

These seminars employ the innovative HANDS acronym to memorably capture the breadth of New Testament teaching on the subject. Attendees leave with a thorough understanding of Christ's deity and the ability to convey that understanding comprehensively, concisely, and clearly.


J. Ed Komoszewski, Th.M.

Ed is the founder and director of Christus Nexus, the developer of the HANDS acronym, and the coauthor (with Robert M. Bowman, Jr.) of Holes in God's Hands: Knowing Jesus as Your Lord and Your God.

Robert M. Bowman, Jr., M.A.

Rob is the founder and director of the Center for Biblical Apologetics, an instructor in the M.A. Christian Apologetics program at Biola University, and the coauthor (with J. Ed Komoszewski) of Holes in God's Hands: Knowing Jesus as Your Lord and Your God.

Endorsements & Testimonials

"The HANDS seminar reflects both the scholarly competence and communication savvy of Ed Komoszewski. He has a strong grasp of the historical, biblical, and theological evidence for the deity of Christ. Equally important, he is able to take lofty concepts and show their importance and relevance to the person on the street. I highly recommend this enlightening and engaging seminar."

Daniel B. Wallace, Ph.D.

Professor of New Testament Studies

Dallas Theological Seminary

"The HANDS seminar is a great way for Christians to gain a deeper understanding of what makes Jesus Christ unique. In addition to increasing my knowledge of biblical evidence for Christ's deity, the seminar equipped me to present my beliefs with clarity and confidence. The content was packaged creatively, presented memorably, and delivered with refreshing enthusiasm."

Nicole Gibson

Seminar Participant

"The HANDS seminar helped me clearly see why the deity of Christ is so important and how the idea permeates the pages of the New Testament. What's more, I was given an incredible tool to help me remember all the information and share it clearly with others. Though considerable time has passed since I attended the seminar, the HANDS acronym has kept the material fresh in my mind and I'm always ready to tell others why I call Jesus 'my Lord and my God.'"

Andrew Dahmes

Seminar Participant

"The HANDS acronym has not only given me the ability to explain point by point the reasons why I believe Jesus is my Lord and my God; it has also brought me to a fuller understanding of what that really means."

Dane Cudd

Seminar Participant

Information & Booking

For information on booking a seminar, please send an e-mail query to seminars@christusnexus.org or call the Christus Nexus office at 507.373.8538.