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Donna Morley

During Donna's "B.C." days
and early days as a Christian she
studied nutrition at:

California State University, Los Angeles
California State University, Northridge

While getting her education, Donna also worked for 6 years in dietetics at two hospitals
(Holy Cross in Mission Hills, and Cottage Hospital in Santa Barbara).

After becoming a Christian (September 10, 1980) Donna left the field of Dietetics, although she still speaks on the topic of nutrition.

As Donna began to grow in her spiritual life,
she developed a deep passion for studying God's Word, along with sharing it with others.

Donna has been involved in the following:

Evangelism: Discipleship Evangelism, Trainer (1981-1984)
Grace Community Church

Bible Studies in Retirement Homes and her own home:

From 1981-1990, Donna gave weekly Bible studies.
In 1985 Donna's Bible studies expanded. She began teaching in three separate retirement homes, every Saturday.
After Donna married Brian Morley in 1987, she limited her ministry to one retirement home, per week.
Three years later, Donna had to stop her ministry due to distant driving (after moving to the mountains)
and the birth of her first child. Donna has since visited one of the retirement homes--
unfortunately, not on a consistant basis. One day, she hopes to get back involved in that ministry.

Since 1988, Donna has had Bible studies in her home, as time allows.
Some studies have been on the spiritual life, and others on various religions,
and how to share Christ with people of different religious persuasions.

Discipleship: Through the years, Donna has had the privilege and honor
of discipling young women (college age and above).

Missions: Missionary Internship
William Cary University (1984)

Short term missions through Central American Missions (CAM) to Costa Rica and Honduras (Summer, 1984)

Donna and Brian actively pursued the mission field for several years until
the Lord's omnipotent Hand closed that door (for the time being, perhaps).


Certificate, a one year study in Biblical Studies
Logos Bible Institute

B.A. Christian Education (high honors)
The Master's College, now University

M.A. Biblical Studies (Summa Cum Laude)
Trinity Theological Seminary, Indiana

Ph.D in Biblical Studies
Trinity Theological Seminary, Indiana

The following was under the auspices
of The Master's University Graduate Program:

Studies in Israel
Taught by author and scholar Dr. William Varner
Director of IBEX
Jerusalem, Israel

Studies in Turkey
Taught by renown author, editor and scholar Dr. Mark Wilson,
Founder of the Asia Minor Research Center
Izmir, Turkey

Studies in Greece,
Taught by Greek scholar, Costis Tsevas

Adjunct Faculty Member-- Communications Department
The Master's University

Co-founder and former Co-administrator of Tyndale Preparatory Schools

Test Administrator for Bob Jones University Press(1997-2011)

Former home-school mother of two children (both now adults).

Active Member: Religion/Newswriters Association (RNA)

The International Society of Women in Apologetics (ISWA)

Active Speaker For: Faith and Reason Forum and
The International Society of Women in Apologetics (ISWA)

Author of:

Choices That Lead to Godliness
(ECPA Runner-Up for the 2000 Gold Medallion Book Award)

A Woman of Significance: Discovering Your Value and Purpose in the Eyes of God

A Christian Woman's Guide to Understanding Mormonism

Becoming a Woman of Spiritual Passion

What Do I Say to Mormon Friends and Missionaries?

An expanded version of A Christian Women's Guide to Understanding Mormonism


* Evidences of The Bible and the Book of Mormon Compared: Examining LDS Apostle Orson Pratt's Reactionary Claims

* From Cumorah to the Celestial Kingdom: Mormonism's Changing View of Salvation

* An entire series of "What Do I Say...

* Donna is also working on two spiritual life books (for women) in between working on the above.


Guest on numerous syndicated radio (over 100) and television programs, including:
The Harvest Show (LeSea Brodcasting)
At Home With Chuck & Jenni (Family Net TV)
Live with Jerry Rose (TLN)
His Place (Cornerstone Television)
"It's a New Day" (Trinity Television Network)
It's Time For Herman and Sharron (Christian Television Network
Indiana Family Forum (Focus on the Family)
The Debra Peppers Show (KJSL-AM)
Morning Magazine (KJTY)
The Talk Spot (CANQUEST Multimedia)
Ingrid Schlueter on Crosstalk Radio (WVCY and WTLN Radio)
The Lynne Ford Show (WBCL Radio Network)
Northland Notebook (WWJC Radio)
Christianity in a Changing Culture (WCTS 1030 AM Radio)
The Bob Dutko Show (WMUZ Radio) and more.

Questions and Answers

What topics do you speak on?

I speak on a variety of topics relating to the spiritual life. The goal is to motivate women to live more fully in their walk with Christ, and dig more deeply into the riches made available to them, through Christ. Below, is just a few of the conference topics (and their descriptions) that I have spoken on. If you have a specific topic in mind, that you don't see here, feel free to talk to me about it.

Are you free for the month and weekend of.....?

Feel free to contact me. I usually don't travel, long distances, during the months of December-February (due to these usually being "bad weather months"). If the winter is mild, feel free to inquire.

If you are a small group, feel free to contact me. My preference would be that you would join efforts with like-minded churches. Please, don't get me wrong. I love speaking to small intimate groups, but it's just too exhausting to travel a lot, especially when I am going back and forth to the same area. For instance, I had spoken to a small group of about 50, at one Evangelical church. Shortly, after traveling to the group of 50, I got a request from another Evangelical group of about 100, who were only 15 minutes away from the group of 50. So, the bottom line is--it would be so helpful if small churches joined forces with one another.

How much do you charge?

I personally hate discussing money, that's not why I'm in ministry. Despite that, feel free to contact me regarding this.

I do ask, for all events, that the host xerox any materials that may be handed out, as well, pays for any travel or lodging costs. I would greatly appreciate a hotel room (or a room at the conference center) so that I can spend my time in prayer, and be fully rested.

Do you allow CD, Video, or DVD taping of your speeches?

No Audio, Video, or DVD recordings are allowed under copyright law, UNLESS you have received written permission by Donna prior to the speaking engagement.

Your organization needs to explain, in writing, what you intend to do with the taped DVD, or Video.

Can you provide for us a Statement of Faith?

Absolutely! You can find it right on this Faith & Reason Forum website, in the section, "About Us."

Conference Topics

Conference #1: Worship That Changes Everything

This conference will guide women into thinking more deeply about prayer, about the importance of prayer, and how the worship of God takes on many forms. Below are the sessions offered:

1-a Discerning the Nature of Our Prayers

One of the things lacking in many of our lives is the ability to discern the true nature of our prayers. Discernment encompasses all facets of our life, including prayer. Christ taught the disciples discernment in prayer just before He left this earth. He knew that without His physical presence they would be dependent on prayer to make right decisions and choices.

1-b How Can My Prayers Be Answered?

Jesus had said, “If you ask anything in My name, I will do it” (John 14:14). This seminar will take a look at what Jesus meant by this statement. As well, we will learn the secrets to having our every prayer answered. This seminar does not promote the “name it and claim it” theology.

Note: This seminar is also offered, as a choice, in the conference 3 category, “titled, “The Promise of Provision for Your Every Need.” There is a slight change in emphasis.

1-c Worship That Glorifies God, Changes Us, and Blesses Others

Worship takes on many forms and should be a part of our everyday lives. Not only is it vital in our relationship with God, it is one of the means by which we glorify Him. My desire is to show women how to engage in worship that isn’t dry formality, but rather, it’s a type of worship that creates a living connection to God, and in the process changes us and blesses others.

1-d Is Our Corporate Worship All That It Could Be?

How is our worship of the Lord as we come together with our brothers and sisters in Christ? Is it everything we desire to be? In this seminar we will take a look at the Psalms, and see how we can enhance our worship on the Lord's Day.

Conference #2: Influencing the Lives of Others

This conference will discuss a variety of ways we can influence others—such as, being salt and light, using our giftedness, and being faithful. But too, it will discuss ways in which our influence can be hindered, such as–having the wrong views of ourselves, or not having the Spirit’s power. Because there is more here than what can be given at a weekend conference, choose between 3 to 4 topics you would like emphasized. The other seminar topics will be discussed, but we won’t go as in-depth as the topics you have chosen.

2-a The Inner Person of the Heart

We can’t influence others, or make an impact in this world if the inner person of the heart isn’t all it can be. Therefore, a very important aspect to begin with during this workshop is to evaluate our inner life–is it being cultivated? As well, are we making most of the Spirit-Empowered life?

2-b Worthy To Serve

Sometimes without us realizing it, we are hindered from ministry and serving others because of unbiblical feelings we have towards ourselves. This session will focus on enhancing our service to others by separating biblical from unbiblical feelings of worthiness.

2-c Gifts That Give

The gifts God has given to us for ministry are not used mechanically in isolation from who we are. They depend not only on our abilities but on our character. Therefore, this seminar will discuss first of all how discernment has a dual role when it comes to our gifts. It guides the use of our gifts as well, helps us make those thousands of daily choices that formulate our character. The combination shows people that we have something to give and thus opens up opportunities.

2-d Being the Salt that Flavors a Tasteless Society

Not one of us has a right to keep our gifts to ourselves. You and I have something quite significant to give–our influence. Influence is not ours to keep; it belongs to the human race. Therefore, in this seminar we will look at the power of influence; and the keys to being salt.

2-e Being Light that Illuminates Darkened Pathways

God shines prominently in His Son Jesus Christ and in His Word through it’s warnings, commands, and promises. But His light also shines through His people. Jesus told His followers, “You are the light of the world” (Matthew 5:14). Does your light help illuminate the darkened pathway of another? This seminar will take a look what it takes for our lives to be a bright lights, and the six steps that help our flame grower brighter and brighter.

2-f Faithfulness–In the Many Facets of Life

Are we living–so it counts? Or, are we just enjoying life’s pleasures? This seminar will focus on being faithful, not only in the big things, but too, the little things. We will learn what it takes to have stubborn faithfulness, and the keys of sticking to it. Also, what it takes to enhance our talents and abilities.

2-g Patience in God’s Timing

In our fast-paced, quick-fix society, we’ve grown accustomed to having everything now and doing everything now. We want everything to come to us as easily as possible. We want the Holy Spirit to “do something” and to do it according to our timetable so that our lives will have significance. Here, we will take a look at what God may be trying to do during this time of waiting, such as, making us spiritually fit. Lastly, we will contemplate: “What if we had never been born?”

Conference #3: A Deeper Spiritual Passion

This conference will guide women into becoming more passionate for Jesus. The best way to accomplish this is to help them overcome the challenges that may block their relationship with the Lord. Because there is more here than what can be given at a weekend conference, choose between 3 to 4 topics you would like emphasized. The other seminar topics will be discussed, but we won’t go as in-depth as the topics you have chosen.

3-a The Promise of a Better Future:

Overcoming the Challenge of Hurts

As women, we are social beings, and friends and family mean everything to us. So when we are hurt by those near to us, it’s very easy for us to allow that hurt to affect us deeply. What we as Christian women need to realize is that, as long as we nurse feelings of bitterness or hurt, we are unable to nurture a positive passion at any time. Both cannot co-exist in our hearts. How can we be passionate for spiritual things when our passion is focused on our hurts? We’ll find ourselves dwelling upon the causes for the hurt, upon the words that were said bout us, upon the rejection we feel.

In this seminar, we’ll look at the instigators of our hurts, and the response to our hurts, and the six steps needed to eliminate our hurt forever. We will also look at God’s promises towards those who hurt.

3-b The Promise of Protection and Strength

Overcoming the Challenge of Fear

Fear is not an issue in the lives of all Christian women, not by far, but it is in the lives of enough women to discuss it. It’s a hindrance enough to keep spiritual passion from blossoming our lives. There are women who fear the death of their loved one, such as a husband or child, despite their current healthy state. Other women fear their children being kidnaped, despite the safe area they live in. Their fear(s) keep them from putting their loved ones in the Lord's Hands. Still, some women fear being home at night when their husbands are away, while others have an overly nervous feeling when the phone rings, believing it’s going to be bad news. Then of course, from time to time, we all fear our own death.

Fear not only keeps us stifled in our walk with the Lord, but it keeps us from trusting the Lord in all circumstances in our lives. We simply can’t be zealous, if we are walking in fear. Therefore, we will look at what fear really is, and how it stagnates us spiritually. We’ll also look at God’s promises of protection and strength as we live our lives in this very uncertain world.

3-c The Promise of Provision for Your Every Need:

Overcoming the Challenge of Anxiety

Sometimes God uses the yuckiest of things, the most troubling of things, to bring about His provision. We have no doubt that God will provide—He just doesn’t tell us how He will provide. For me, He provided a “cockroach” to pay my meal in a restaurant. For concentration prisoners, Corrie ten Boom, He provided lice to keep German officers out of the barrack, so she and her sister Betsy could have Bible studies for the women prisoners and lead some of them to Christ. He provided Elijah ravens who would deliver him bread and meat. He provided the blind man sight with the use of dirt and saliva (John 8:6). Cockroaches, lice, ravens, dirt and saliva. Yes, God does provide in creative ways, and sometimes in painful ways. And it’s this thought, that pain could be part of God’s provision, that many of us don’t want to accept. Actually, such a concept as pain being “loving” is a great hindrance for many of us when it comes to thinking about the Great Provider.

During this session, we will look at: (1) The painful but loving ways of God, (2) how God allows evil to prevent a greater evil, (3) the goodness of God for not providing whatever we ask of Him, (4) the provision of determination as we seek God’s will, (4) the effects of having “Thy will be done” as our motto in life. By the end of this session, it is my desire that women will be able to eliminate anxiety; accepting whatever happens to them, trusting that Jesus will surely take care of them.

3-d The Promise of Everlasting Love:

Overcoming the Challenge of Wrong Views of God's Love

Sadly, there are Christian women who have a hard time fully accepting God’s love for them. They want this Divine love, but...something or other gets in the way. For instance, some Christian women have a wrong view of God’s love. Others, because of sorrow, can’t believe God loves them. Still, there are others, because of previous sin, believe God can’t love them the same as He did, before their heart gave way to sin. We’ll not only look at how women can overcome any one of these wrongful views, but too, they’ll be encouraged by key truths about God’s love for them. In this seminar, we will indeed take a good look at the Everlasting love of God

3-e Living Out Your Marriage Vow to Christ:

Overcoming the Challenge of Spiritual Lukewarmness

As the bride of Christ, we must ask ourselves, are there any circumstances that hinder us as we pursue our relationship with Jesus? Is there anyone or anything in our life that is hindering a full devotion to Jesus? Is something getting in the way of our marriage vow to Him? What distractions keep us from living a full life of spiritual passion for Him? There are many hindrances that can get in the way, and one of the more common ones is living a halfhearted, shallow Christian life. In other words, a lukewarm life.

This seminar will offer women the opportunity to examine their lives, and in particular, their heart. We will take a look at how to avoid spiritual lukewarmness and what it takes to renew our marriage vows to Jesus.

3-f Deepening the Relationship:

Overcoming the Challenge of Weak Faith

As we know, trust is everything in a relationship. I can imagine how hurt my husband Brian would feel if I didn’t trust him. We all want to be relied on. We do our best to earn trust in others by keeping our promises and showing ourselves honorable in our actions. If we are so apt to trust those close to us, how much more should we, the bride of Christ, trust our Groom--the One who loves us most? Trust is what allows the deepening of any relationship. Sadly, many of us don’t trust Jesus as we should, therefore, our faith is weak, and thus, we will never really gain spiritual passion.

This seminar will encourage women to have a strong, powerful, moving faith. We will take a look at how to strengthen our faith; endure in faith; and the strategy of going step by step in faith. It is then that we’ll be able to fully trust Jesus in all things–even during the most difficult moments of our lives.

3-g Giving Him All Your Love:

Overcoming the Challenge of Sin

We must face it, a person’s “spiritual” character, though seen in the eyes of others as superb, may not be pleasing to God. Many of us could easily conclude that a woman who is volunteering at church, serving in the choir, or participating in women’s Bible classes is demonstrating her love for Jesus, but we must realize that a person’s actions are not always a reliable test of one’s love for God. Any one of us could be involved in ministry for show, or to advance our personal agenda, or for some other wrong motive. Christ looks not at our ministry but our heart. And, unfortunately, our heart may not be loving God, or at least, loving Him to the fullest.

This seminar will take a look at five sins that keep us from loving God; then we will look at five ways to grow in intimacy with the Lord. Lastly, we’ll take a look at the type of woman who exhibits true intimacy with Jesus.

3-h Experiencing Uninterrupted Joy:

Overcoming the Challenge of Tough Circumstances

Scripture reminds us of the fact that there is “a time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance” (Ecclesiastes 3:4). “Is anyone among you suffering? Let him pray. Is anyone cheerful? Let him sing praises” (James 5:13). While emotional joy is fine, Paul the apostle reveals to us a different kind of joy that is more substantial and enduring–he speaks of being “sorrowful yet always rejoicing” (2 Corinthians 6:10). This is an inner joy that enables us to rejoice even in the midst of sorrow, a joy that can sustain us even through the most difficult circumstances. It’s the joy of Jesus.

Unfortunately, many of us are hindered from receiving Christ’s joy in full, from understanding more deeply the reality of this joy, and from grasping to a greater degree how we can have access to it. And what is it that hinders us? It’s principally one main obstacle: We are living beneath our circumstances and being controlled by them, rather than living above our circumstances and exerting control over them. Therefore, this seminar will look at five key steps we need to take in what it takes to live above our circumstances, and how to really live out the joy of Jesus.

3-i Coveting Our Lord's Love Letters:

Overcoming the Challenge of Spiritual Malnourishment

When Christ was alive the chief priests, scribes, and the leading men wanted to destroy Him, but for awhile, they couldn’t. Reason being, “all the people were hanging upon His words” (Luke 19:48). They were in complete amazement over His teachings. Just as with the townspeople, and the disciples, we too can go back to those early days of knowing Christ where we too were in complete amazement—an amazement that creates greater zeal for God’s Word. And, just as the disciples pleaded with Jesus to “stay with us” (Luke 24:29), we can have this same desire for Jesus and His Word each and every day.

We also want our hearts to burn within us as did the disciples. We want Him to continually minister to us. And, He will. It comes as we take advantage of the Spirit’s presence and ask Him to give to us what was given to the disciples: new insight (Luke 24:31); a new energy (Luke 24:32-35); a natural desire to share with others what we’ve learned from the Word (Luke 24:35).

We begin by looking at the four different stages women are at in their Bible learning. The goal will be to get to the fourth stage, the peaches and cream stage. The women will come to see that Scripture is their greatest comfort, their greatest guide, their greatest communication from God. Practical steps will be given on how to get more deeply involved–and transformed by–God’s Word.

3-j Telling Others I Am His, He Is Mine:

Overcoming the Challenge of Reluctance to Share

Christ had one goal while on earth: to proclaim the good news. As women of passion, we desire to be caught up in this same cause. Unfortunately, there are at times, things that hinder us from doing so. Perhaps we are too concerned with how the world views us, or how they might respond should we share Christ with them.

In this seminar we will look at three powerful ways on how we can become more bold in our daily lives. The blessings of being bold is that we develop much more zeal...the bolder we are, the more zealous. We become quite passionate over the cause of Christ. We will also look at biblical examples of those who became quite zealous after using their boldness.

3-k Enduring in Total Devotion:

Overcoming the Challenge of Distractions

At conversion we are invited to take our part on the racecourse and join the heavenly race (1 Corinthians 9:24-25). The starting line is at the foot of the Cross and the finish line is in heaven. The race is short and characterized by intense activities. The great benefit of being involved in this race is that it builds up spiritual passion that puts every effort into affecting the Kingdom. It lays “aside every encumbrance, and the sin which so easily entangles us” (Hebrews 12:1). We’ll learn what it takes to lay aside those encumbrances, those distractions that can keep us from running well; those things that keep us from being fixed on Jesus. We’ll be taking some very important steps that will help us “win” the race (1 Corinthians 9:24), as well, we’ll be inspired by some wonderful truths.

Conference 4: The Significant Life

The talking points aren't written out, but the interview below (taken from the award winning, "Debra Peppers Show," at KJSL-AM in St. Louis, Missouri), gives you an idea of what would be addressed at this conference.

DEBRA: There’s a lot of talk today about how to feel significant. How does your approach in the book differ from most of the popular views that tell us how to attain it?

DONNA:     There have been a lot of effort over the years, including within Christianity, to make people feel more significant, by raising their self-  esteem for example. And, despite the fact that a lot of people have embarked on the “esteem” journey they have yet to reach their destination. The advice they navigated by said only to think more highly of themselves while ignoring their genuine shortcomings and personal limitations. But groundlessly puffing ourselves is really a form of self-deception.

The book helps the reader rely on the sufficiency of Scripture and discover what God thinks of us, the significance we already have in His eyes apart from our achievements. Now, positional significance is to be our foundation in the book for building certain character traits by which we can, through God’s strength, also become significant in the unfolding of His will. This is called practical significance. Our concept of ourselves must be formed not by putting on rose-colored glasses and looking within ourselves, but by looking to God and seeing in His eyes our reflection, which includes who we now are by His grace and who we can become through His power.

DEBRA:      What are the wrong ways people seek significance?

DONNA:     We can wrongly get our sense of value or worth from focusing on our appearance, or from what other people think of us--or from how we perform in life. These things hunger for personal affirmation. And, feeding off the affirmation of others can do strange things to us. Not only does it allow us to be controlled by what we continually guess others think of us but it tempts us to be continually dissatisfied with ourselves.

For instance, in regard to our appearance, we can end up becoming a slave to our own image. We can strive to lose weight and exercise like mad, not because we want to be healthier, but because we want the approval of others. All too often this leads to deeper insecurity. Why? Because once the affirmation dies down (and it always does), we will most likely feel worse about ourselves and go back to our old eating patterns and sedentary life.

I have discovered that personal affirmation can be a special gift from God when it comes to us from others and based on our character, our choices in life, and our ministry to others. We can thank God for the kind words we may receive from others as we serve Him. But its nearly impossible to feel affirmed when we get compliments on our physical appearance. That is because God is the artist, and He deserves the credit for the way He made us. Scripture compares Him to a skilled potter, and we are told we have no right to be critical of His work.

DEBRA:      There are a lot of women who don’t like themselves. They feel inadequate and would prefer to be someone else. What would you say to them?

DONNA:     Many of us think that others are better than we are, and we try to deal with the discomfort by desiring to be someone we are not. When we feel this way, we can think as little of ourselves as Mephibasheth who said to King David, “What is your servant, that you should regard a dead dog like me?” (2 Samuel 9:8).

Many of us simply feel we have nothing to offer. But this attitude only takes away our motivation to discover and appreciate the good and unique qualities God has given us and wants to further develop in us. In my book I talk about how we get into this sad state and how we can get out of it.

DEBRA:      For many women their sense of insignificance is tied to a fear of failure. How does your book help a woman who feels like a failure?

DONNA:     The book helps them by first showing the reasons why they may be fearing failure. It then discusses some of the behaviors that stem from having a fear of failure--or feeling like a failure. Lastly, it gives the women some things Scripturally to focus on...truths that will help them from fearing failure, or fear what others think in order to have a sense of self-worth.

DEBRA:      You make a statement in the book that is quite a paradox. You say, “Our true significance is grounded in our inadequacies.” Tell us how that works.

DONNA:     Many people could probably look at their lives, and all they see is their inadequacies. I think of David Brainerd who dropped out of Yale for awhile because of illness, but shortly after his return, he was expelled. This was probably a great humiliation for him. But, had he not been forced to leave school I doubt he would have become a missionary to Native Americans.

Paul adamately believed that “God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, and to those who are called according to His purpose (Romans 8:28). This confidence helps us see God’s purposes where we might otherwise see failure. Faith that God can work in any circumstance (even with our inadequacies) helps us focus on ultimate spiritual victory. It’s a victory won in spite of and even through our inadequacies. In fact, consider this–Who we are potentially in Christ is founded upon God rescuing us from our sinfulness. Who we are practically in God’s plan is founded on personal inadequacies that God divinely empowers. In otherwords, we are significant for who we are in Christ--that’s our position. And, as God uses us in His plan we have practical significance as He--get this: takes our personal inadequacies and uses them--He empowers them--that is why we can say along with Paul the apostle, “Not that we are adequate in ourselves to consider anything as coming from ourselves, but our adequacy is from God” (2 Corinthians 3:5).

DEBRA:      You talk quite a bit about dignity. What’s the contrast between false and true dignity, and what is the secret for attaining a truly dignified life?

DONNA:     In the book I give a lengthy illustration of a friend named Farid (I changed his name) who is a part of a royal family in the Arab world, I talk about the day I shared Christ with him and his response.

He said to me, in a condescending tone, “Donna, Donna, Donna. I am already rich! I have everything I could possibly ever want. This Jesus of yours doesn’t even have the prestige I have in my homeland.”

Farid then started laughing, and in a high pitched tone with his Arabic accent, declared, “If I were to tell others that I have accepted this Christ of yours and that I have become some sort of ambassador for Him, I would become a laughing stalk, stripped of my reputation, robbed of my royalty, and treated worse than a ‘common’ man!”

Then in a nervous tone, Farid said, “No thanks, Donna, I have my dignity to think about.”

Little did Farid realize, I was offering him true dignity. It’s a dignity that reflect not earthly glory, but God’s own glory. All earthly glory derived from worldly nobility, reputation, and success is a false dignity. But the Lord offers us a dignity that will never fade because it is from God Himself. Bernard of Clairvaux said it well, “we are, but by His dignifying us, not by our own dignity.”

In the book, I show Paul’s own contrast between the true and false dignity and how true dignity works.

DEBRA:      Most Christians have heroes of the faith they admire. And yet, they feel there is no way they could ever have the kind of impact they had. What do you think?

DONNA:     From the beginning, God has taken what seem to be ordinary men and women and used them in extraordinary ways. They may have done very different things, using diverse gifts in various places on the globe, but it is likely that their lives had something in common--the traits that make for a significant life.

Now, had they simply sat on the beach all their life doing nothing other than enjoying life’s pleasures--they still would have had positional significance (who we are in Christ), but they would not have played a significant part in the plan of God.

If we want to have a significant part in God’s plan there are a few traits we must embrace. They are faithfulness; sacrifice, being salt and light; and having patience in the outworking of God’s plan. These topics and more are discussed at length in the book.

DEBRA:      What is the relationship between being significant and character?

DONNA:     Again, let me reiterate that we already have positional significance (who we are in Christ), but practical significance depends largely upon us whether we are going to be salt in this world--as well as--light. Jesus showed us practical significance when He said, “You are the light of the world” (Matthew 5:2).

This significance of being light has much to do with our character. There is a biblical Proverb that shows us this. In contrasts two very different lives. The first part of the Proverb encourages me, “The path of the righteous is like the light of dawn, that shines brighter and brighter until the full of day” (Proverbs 4:18). The next verse is tragic, “The way of the wicked is like darkness; they do not know over what they stumble” (Proverbs 4:19).

Here we have human drama revealed. One is a godly life whose way is lighted, not just dimly, but brighter and brighter, as she stays to one path--the path of righteousness. The other person stumbles in life because righteousness is far from her; therefore, she lives in complete darkness. While the righteous can see the road ahead; the unrighteous can’t see even what’s in front of her and she stumbles.

“The path of the righteous” consists of all that is good, including truth, purity, joy, peace, and love. I discuss each of these character traits in the book, but let me just say, if we are weak in these areas, then our light is dim, and our character is weak. The weaker we are in character, the less we will guide anyone to the Lord. So growing in righteousness means growing in character before a watching world.

It’s a fact, you are being watched, especially by non-believers. Your words are scrutinized. Your deeds are weighed. Your choices in life are judged. Non-believers evaluate us not on biblical grounds, but through their own eyes, whether or not we are genuine. This can be a good thing, if indeed we are living in truth, purity, love and joy.

DEBRA:      Many of us would like God to use us in a significant way--NOW! What can you say to this?

DONNA:     All of us need patience. And for me personally it’s been a hard virtue to master. I love action; I hate to wait. I want answers--now. I want to get things done--now. I want God to use me--now. But I’ve learned that now isn’t always best. There is much wisdom in waiting for God to put me in a plac of signifcance rather than striving for it. In the spirit of Ecclesiastes, everything has its time (Ecc. 3:18).

In the book I talk about how the young man Moses tried to live in a significant way, but he failed because he was out of step with God. We too can be out of step with what God may be trying to do through us when we are impatient with His ways, His will, and His timing. Many of us don’t think about the fact that as we wait--we are becoming spiritually fit. Possibly God’s most important blessings in our lives await our willingness to relinquish something or to grow into some godly attitude. Waiting also had to do with God’s glory. Consider. Christ could have healed Lazarus when he was sick. Jesus allowed him to die. But isn’t God more impressively revealed through the resurrection of a dead Lazarus rather than the healing of a sick Lazarus?

DEBRA:      That’s a great point! Well Donna, I feel we’ve just skimmed the surface of your book. There’s so much more we haven’t even discussed, but we’ve run out of time. Thanks for coming on the show.

Conference #5: Being a Woman of the Word

Sidenote: With a background in Hermeneutics Donna Morley is quite prepared to teach these courses. Hermeneutics is the study of reading, interpreting, and applying God's Word. Donna's professor in Hermeneutics at Logos Bible Institute was Dr. John MacArthur. Graduate work in Hermeneutics was taken at The Master's College and taught by Dr. William Varner.

4-a Blunting The Word

By far, the most remarkable sword, with truly supernatural power, was crafted by God Himself. The Word of God is said to be sharper than any sword, able to pierce our innermost being and do what no other blade can–reveal our true self (Hebrews 4:12). It, too, is a weapon a spiritual one, that we must use for survival and victory in spiritual battles (Ephesians 6:17).

This supernatural sword, which can protect believers and bring light to unbelievers, is being blunted today. Blunting God’s Word isn’t anything new; it has happened since the Garden of Eden. Satan challenged what God had said, Eve ignored it, and Adam violated it. Over the centuries the blunting–the misuses–of Scripture have taken different forms.

Therefore, this session will discuss the widespread lack of discernment that not only allows distortions of the Word to go unchallenged, but it also lets these erroneous teachings pass for “insight.” When others blunt the word in their teaching, they deprive of us our only spiritual weapon–God’s Word.

4-b God's Word or Ours?

Developing biblical discernment requires that we avoid a number of common abuses of the Word in order to reach the goal of maturity. From the seminar, "Blunting the Sword" we examine some ways people can stumble when handling Scripture, but in this seminar, we get a bit more personal. How are we doing in our own Bible study? Are we reading Scripture as God wrote it, or are we distorting it and communicating error? Some days we may only have five minutes with the Bible, but on those days when we can give it an in-depth look, are we interpreting it correctly?

This seminar will take an in-depth look at ways we can interpret Scripture more accurately.

4-c Coveting His Love Letters

We will look at the four different stages women are at in their Bible learning. The goal will be to get to the fourth stage, the peaches and cream stage. They will come to see that Scripture is their greatest comfort, their greatest guide, their greatest communication from God. Practical steps will be given on how to get more deeply involved–and transformed by–God’s Word.

Note: This seminar is also offered, as a choice, in the conference 3 category.

Conference #6: Living Life Sober Minded

This topic is being developed by Donna. It can be for a one hour speech, or developed for a weekend retreat. The main theme comes from 1 Peter 5:8-9:

Be sober-minded; be watchful. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour. Resist him, firm in your faith, knowing that the same kinds of suffering are being experienced by your brotherhood throughout the world."

Conference #7:
Understanding Various Non-Biblical Religions & Sharing With These Specific People

This conference if for women who are interested in studying a particular religion, whether that be Mormonism, Jehovah's Witness, Catholicism, Judaism, and others. After learning the basics of a particular religion, we will also look at how to share with those in their particular religious persuasion. If you desire to discuss this further with Donna, feel free to send her an email.

What Others Have Said

Below are a few of the comments we have received.

They came freely, and were not sought after by

Faith & Reason Forum

Dear Mrs. Donna,

I want to thank you for coming to speak to us ladies at the Georgia Baptist Conference Center....I really enjoyed listening to you as a speaker. You are a lot of fun when you speak and I told my Mom that I could have listened to you forever! You are truly a Mary, one who sits at Jesus feet, because you have so much knowledge it seems about the Lord. You seem to know the Lord and your countenance is so radiant and so filled with God's dazzling light and joy.

If you are wondering who I am, I was one that talked with you with my Mom on Friday night--at the conference up until 11p.m. at night...we had to leave in the morning due to another commitment. I would have loved to stay, for God has used you to be a blessing to me. I hope you are having a good day. May God bless you!! In Christ's love, Sarah....



Thank you so much! You have brought my parents to church again. You have!
I love you Donna with the love of Jesus Christ!



Hi Donna,

Thank you so much for investing in our little group this last Sunday. I am having a difficult time putting into words simply how encouraging you were. You gave us much to chew on by simply speaking truth. It meant so much to me to see how you ministered to my friend, Susan (name changed). I have always seen this amazing gift she has from God in her story of grace, but you were able to articulate that with such purpose believing God’s highest for her in a way that I know she will never forget. I was so encouraged by how the Spirit simply permeates your life and your dependence on Him is so evident. You didn’t seem to be telling us “the answers”(some people look to themselves as the answer person) but rather you were sharing with us what you know to be true… answers through humble experience. I went home and just tried to focus on the things that really stood out to me and wrote down so many things. I sensed such a conviction to step back from life for a bit and really evaluate some things. More than anything I desire to be a person who is used by God. I know that any form that takes will accomplish more than I thought possible if I depend on the Holy Spirit. My life is not my own. Ah well. Thank you for investing your life in the service of the Lord. In the process you have invested in my life as well. Thank you. Sheri


Dear Mrs. Morley

Thank you for speaking to our class. I was very much encouraged to hear all that knowledge and wisdom God has blessed you with. I was very blessed. Kwalo.....


Dear Donna,

Will you ever know how great an impact your honest, heartfelt, loving testimony and worship of our Lord God had on me and–surely–all the others attending the conference?! But surely you will know on that day when He will say: “Well done, you good and faithful servant.”

I am so thankful, so truly encouraged, so greatly moved in my heart and soul; so greatly awed by our Saviour’s love–yes, for me also! Ah, miracles!

I love your great good humor and hope to see you again (here on this earth).

Much love in Christ and a hug, Gesa....


Dear Mrs. Morley,

I first heard you speak seven years ago, and was thrilled to hear you were speaking at our women's retreat on the topic of Spiritual Passion. And, just as I was excited to come to the retreat, I am am more excited after hearing you speak. You have once again motivated and encouraged me and have given me so many practical applications for my life. One thing I did want to especially share with you, was when you spoke about the pain we are carrying. I appreciate what you said about "confronting our pain." It was as if you socked me between the eyes, helping me see that my pain is not only to be given to Jesus, but just as important, my pain is to be used for another person's gain! Thanks for showing me this, and for getting me to think about the type of ministry I can begin pursuing in light of the experiences the Lord has allowed me to go through. I thank the Lord for you! Gail.....


Dear Mrs. Morley,

I didn’t think your seminar, “Worthy to Serve” at the Truth & Life Conference would affect me as much as it did. In the last few days, all I’ve been doing is thinking about what you taught me. I have been shown some deep and hidden truths about myself that I need to change. Thank you! Mary.....


Dear Mrs. Morley,

I just wanted to thank you for speaking at the Truth & Life Conference. I thank the Lord for your wisdom and allowing it to be a blessing to me. Terry.....



Thank you for giving us so much of yourself at our women’s banquet. What energy you have! Your “drama of worship” was so riveting, and captivating. I would love to hear you again. You’re a natural born speaker! Rebecca....


Hi Mrs. Morley,

I first heard you speak many years ago, when I was a senior at The Master’s College. You spoke in the women’s chapel, under the format of “question and answer” time. I will never forget that day in chapel. It was wonderful. You were so thought provoking! When my friend told me you were speaking at her church, I knew I had to come, despite my 6 hour drive. It was worth it! Once again, you have inspired me towards greater spiritual growth, and to think more deeply upon spiritual things. I hope I will be able to hear you again! Carol.....


Dear Mrs. Morley,

I was so blessed by your presentation....I was motivated to learn more about cults to protect myself and other women! Catherine...



I throughly enjoyed your teaching on Mormonism. I appreciated not only your excellent teaching, but your way of building up our confidence–taking away the intimidation--showing us that we can easily and effectively share with our Mormon friends. I honestly wish our time didn’t have to end! Would you consider teaching us about another non-biblical religion? Sharon